The Adventures of Stewy the Seagull

He is determined to make his parents proud.

Hi. I'm Stewie

When he is old enough, he moves to a town by the sea, where he befriends a boy. The boy brings him bread daily, and when Stewy s parents come to visit, they enjoy some bread as well.

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Eventually Stewy also finds love in a female companion as they fly around the town together. He asks her to move into her nest, where the couple lives happily ever after. Read more Read less. To get the free app, enter mobile phone number. See all free Kindle reading apps. Don't have a Kindle? Dorrance Pub Co 26 July Language: Be the first to review this item Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

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The Adventures of Stewy the Seagull - Google Книги

Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations. He was twice my size and cats are very quick. Angel hesitated and then continued in a soft voice. I saw now that he was tired and wet.

People think I am an omen of evil or bring bad luck. Others chase me just to be mean. The pups were confused. They lived with a nice family who fed them, played with them, and took them for walks. Angel continued the story. I was just a kitten then. I have been on my own since then. The pups were sad. They felt sorry for an animal who had been unwanted and abandoned. He was very hungry.

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After he had dried off a little, he lay down and soon fell asleep. I lay down beside him to keep him warm. As he slept he purred. That meant he felt safe and at peace. Their mother had once been friends with a cat. I slept for some time and when I woke up the cat was gone. He must have quietly slipped out the dog door while I was sleeping.

Angel looked a little sad. The puppies went and nuzzled their mom. It was time for the pups to take a nap. Angel finished the scary story. A nice older couple who lived down the street had found a black cat in the back woods and taken him in. The cat was an old tomcat with a large gash in his left ear. They named him Midnight.

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Because, you know, cats. But cats do have a tough time around the Halloween season, I'm told. Bad people are sometimes mean to black cats, and that's not fair. So, if you're one of those people who prefer cats to dogs as insane as that sounds , consider adopting a back cat rather than some cute fuzzy other color cat. And while you're about it, consider adopting a senior pet too. Often that's the only chance they have at life.

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Thanks to Charles for his guest blog. We'll see you next time I have an earth shattering experience--like running out of treats or something. Posted by Stewart Chihuahua at 6: Stewie's finally come out of the closet. Not that there's anything wrong with that. In fact, I think it's about time. See, any time the weather even thinks about starting to rain or thunder, especially thunder, Stewie gallops into the bedroom and hides himself in the closet Beard and Nice Lady conveniently leave open for him.

They've even left a pile of old clothes on the floor where he can lie down and be more comfortable while waiting for Teh Horror to go away--that is he can lie there if he's not trying to burrow his way through the drywall, which I'm pretty sure he tries to do some times. That tough guy persona he puts on? It's all an act. While I'm lying comfortably in my bed, enjoying the beauty of the lightening flashes, he's shaking and shivering in fear that the rain and thunder that is outside the house will somehow get to him inside the house. He's not very bright. It's just like what I overheard that old human politician say on the glowy box the other day, "You have nothing to fear but I'm going to go hide in Stewie's closet for a bit.

Posted by Stewart Chihuahua at 1: So, there's this online writers' forum where Beard hangs out. I forget what it's called , but I do know he posts under the name of my cousin, Haggis Chihuahua. I met the real Haggis Chihuahua the other day. For now, all you need to know is that anyone who barks at me like Haggis did is a jerk. Unless, you know, it's a friendly bark accompanied by a lot of butt sniffing and other generally accepted social niceties. But more about Haggis in a later post. The pictures Beard uses for what they call his avatar look suspiciously like me.

They don't look a thing like Haggis. Which is all beside the point. Posted by Stewart Chihuahua at 5: Sunday, June 29, I like to hide in small spaces. We all know I'm a stud, right? But the fact remains that I'm not I'm actually kind of tiny.

Fitness Buff - Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

When you realize Angel's almost three times my size you get an idea of how little I really am. So, although I'm studly and fierce and all, you huge creatures scare the kibble droppings out of me. Not so much because I fear you , per se. What I fear is getting accidentally stepped on or kicked by you. Because, let's face it, you giants are clumsy. When I'm not in my bed, on Beard's lap, angling for a treat, or hanging with Nice, you're apt to find me or not find me as the case may be hiding. Small places with up top cover provide me all the protection I need.

If I can keep out of view, all the better. It's an instinctual thing.

They keep my food bowl in the kitchen by the refrigerator. When I have my dinner, I race into the kitchen, grab a kibble or three, then dash back, and park myself underneath the dining room table where I devour my kill. The protective cover of table and chairs gives me all the comfort I need, and the confidence to eat in peace. Because of my incredibly busy and stressful life, I might, on rare occasions, nap pretty much throughout the morning, and well into the afternoon. Should I be napping and should I hear a loud noise, this is what results.

Posted by Stewart Chihuahua at 8: Monday, June 16, Picture Day. Now, I didn't know exactly what that meant, but it sounded awfully important. So I scratched myself, lay back down, and promptly fell asleep. Angel dealt with it differently. She spent half the morning grooming, preening, applying makeup, and generally being her bad fussy self.