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Kindle Edition , pages. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Very Bad Things , please sign up. Is there a love triangle? What's the confusion about whether it's Briarwood Academy or Briarcrest Academy?? See 2 questions about Very Bad Things…. Lists with This Book. New Adult Romance It is not often you come across an author whose writing has the ability to captivate your mind and infiltrate your heart with beautiful well developed characters such as Nora Blakely. She is an accomplished pianist. When Nora decides her perfect to the outside world yet secretly flawed and pain filled life is too much to bare; she creates a list of Very Bad Things to do to break that perfect image.

Leo Tate does not do commitment and he is very upfront with the women who want in his bed. All Leo wants is to get his gym up and running and to give his brother Sebastian, the best education he can provide.

Briarcrest Academy is that place. So imagine his surprise when the spitfire blonde on stage grabs his attention in a way he has yet to comprehend. At 25yrs old he should not be thinking that way towards this young girl; especially when he knows plenty of chicks his age willing to have sex with him no strings attached. Still, here he is drawn to this young girl in an inexplicable way. And just when he thinks he can resist temptation and he makes it abundantly clear to Nora that nothing can be between them A whole new emotion overtakes him catching him completely off guard.

Everything you think you know about her is nothing compared to the real thing. She is sweet, sassy and possesses a maturity well beyond her years. She is also in pain and has been suffering in silence for many years. As you read and get know her you will learn that Nora is also very courageous. Not too many young girls can survive what she has and still keep their heads held high. Not too many girls would be able to stand up for what is right when no one else will do it for them. Nora Blakely is in a class all on her own.

And I purposely left no steamy quotes so that you could read them and savor each and every line. Now go forth and read. Then come tell us about it on Goodreads! For more reviews got to http: View all 79 comments. She's an accomplished pianist, a Texas beauty queen, and on her way to Princeton after high school.

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Leaving behind her million-dollar mansion and Jimmy Choos, she becomes a girl hell-bent on pushi Amazon Top 10 Bestseller "One of the top five New Adult romances of Leaving behind her million-dollar mansion and Jimmy Choos, she becomes a girl hell-bent on pushing the limits with alcohol, drugs, and meaningless sex. But he doesn't want her. Welcome to Briarwood Academy Very Wicked Beginnings 1. Very Bad Thingssucked me in from the start, and despite my not wanting to read as much NA lately, I fell for this book. It had quality about it that just made it stand out as a little more unique View all 27 comments.

Okay, I'm going to start off by prevaricating The most vast majority of my friends, and indeed, all of Goodreads, five starred this book. Not only that, but there was a nice mix of my friends who have extremely varying tastes who really loved this book. So I was ever so hopeful, and quite possibly set the bar too high before I ever even started. I'm just jotting down my thoughts now, and take this opinion for what it's More like 2.

I'm just jotting down my thoughts now, and take this opinion for what it's worth - ONE lone opinion amid hundreds. The most promising part of the book was the premise Highland Park, Texas, has been the epitome of perfection her entire life. And I'm not saying that lightly. This chick has been a robot. Dressed, talked, walked, eaten, and basically lived exactly as her dearest bitch mother told her to. She's not really even sure who she is, exactly. Now, I'm a Fort Worth, Texas resident We're cowboys and steak, while Dallas is upper class business and sushi.

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But we all know how those upper class rich people are, and Nora's parents are the worst. Okay, so what didn't work for me: Literally up until the very end. Huge no-no for me. I don't care that he says she "understands his stance" and doesn't expect anything more from him than sex. It's apparent that she does, and even if that weren't the case, the fact remains She chases him, offers herself up to him over and over again, strips naked for him , and no matter how many times he rejects her, she comes back for more, insisting that he loves her, that they are meant to be.

I can't stand when a woman begs after a man. I want the man to do the begging and the chasing. That you're in love with me? Both Nora and Leo have a bad case of insta love. Thing is, I totally like insta love I think it's romantic. I knew within days that my husband was the love of my life But only when the ensuing story solidifies that attraction with real meaning, real purpose, real feelings. Nearly every scene that they are in together is nothing but heated looks, longing eyes, sexual innuendo, or actual sexual acts.

But not much talking about anything of importance. I never actually got to the point that I liked either of them I didn't know them well enough Who suddenly decides to just go crazy It was just so It was all about this obsession with Leo, nothing focused on how she really needed to heal and deal with her truly messed up life. I lost count of how many times Leo and Nora lip locked, got hot and heavy, then pushed away from each other, had words, and stormed away It was a wash, rinse, repeat in a different setting.

And I really loved Sebastian!!

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I'd love to see them get their own HEAs They added some much needed lightheartedness and gave Nora true friendship when she needed it most. I wish that her aunt had been more of a part of the story, because I really think she needed some stability in the form of an adult. I think possibly this is what kept me from connecting with Nora more. To me, she was just a lost little girl making bad decisions. But read it for yourself and see what you think!!!!

View all 66 comments. I wanted to laugh at this book. She wants to become a self proclaimed party animal.. THIS book has no emotions, No story-story as such. I see NO base plot. LIKE "Oh, did you know.. My brother kept raping me.. How coo I wanted to laugh at this book. How cool is that right Father. Oh and mother knew and did nothing.

Now give me a hug and get going" AND after all that fucking nonsense.. Girl finds guy hot, Guy finds girl hot. They have a 6year age difference so he's hesitant. She become like some bold whore when around him.. Because he was fucking dumb.. Fucking go into details about it man!! Its like all skimming thought types. She's a spineless pussy who in her head thinks she's too great.. Even when shit happen in the book I felt nothing. I felt nothing for it.. View all 25 comments. On the outside Nora is the perfect girl.

Pressured by her mother she is popular, belongs to every club in her prestigious academy and has perfect grades, perfect style, and perfect behavior. But after something that happened to her on the past, she feels ugly inside and she is done with being the perfect girl. Except she doesn't know who the real her is and so s 3 Bad Girl Stars!! Except she doesn't know who the real her is and so she creates a rebellious Nora that doesn't put up with anything. Then she meets Leo. The older brother of a friend of hers and 6 years older, she immediately becomes attracted for him.

And him for her. He just wants a girl that wants no compromise. Well, thank God for the supportive characters, who were awesome, because the heroes were a great disappointment. They both started promising but soon lose their charm. Nora started to get clingy and insistent. But, oh well, it was an enjoyable reading so if you are into this type of books, give it a try ; View all 50 comments. Angst lovers, whoever wants to ride a rollercoaster.

What started out as a promising 4 or 5 star read gradually dwindled down to the point where I loathed the main characters especially the hero and just wanted the book to be OVER with. The writing was at-times brilliant and I never felt bored. However, not even all those great book qualities can mask the inherently weak storyline and flaws that made it nearly impossible for me to finish, let alone enjoy.

I liked Nora significantly more than Leo, but she still got on my nerves too. Stop beating a dead horse!!!!!!!! The secondary characters stole the show. Especially the issue of view spoiler [her half-brother Finn raping her. Copy provided by Bolero Books via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. View all 57 comments. After a couple of chapters, I was feeling like this This book had a lot of promise but sadly, it didn't deliver. The plot had a lot of promise. A troubled young girl meets a hot, albeit older guy he's 25 and she's 18 and still in high school , they have that connection and undeniable attraction.

Don't get me wrong, there are things that I really liked. But somehow the things I didn't like just overwhelmed 2. But somehow the things I didn't like just overwhelmed the things that I did like. Well, that becomes a given when one of the reasons why you didn't like the book was because of the main characters themselves. Let's start with Leo. There is no easy way to say it. Dude, I get it. You lost your parents, you had to grow up fast and take care of your brother and all that but seriously? All that self-loathing and guilt was just too much. He was the weakest hero I have ever seen.

His whole "I-don't-want-to-love-because-I-don't-want-to-get-hurt" thing got old really fast. It took the whole book before he finally got his ass out of his head and by the time it happened, I just didn't care anymore. At least Nora got her shit together halfway through. Although, again, the self-loathing and the guilt was too heavy for me. I do understand why because of all the horrible things she went through. But I have to admit, at the very beginning, I failed to understand the logic behind her actions and decisions.

She doesn't know who she is anymore, so she decided to become a "bad girl.

See a Problem?

But as I've said, she did grow on me and I ended up respecting her character. She was stronger than Leo, in my opinion. Not that I like her view spoiler [chasing after him after being rejected multiple times hide spoiler ] but at least she was honest about her feelings. I got to give her that. I just felt that there were so many things that took too long to be resolved and when they did get resolved, it felt rushed.

Case in point, view spoiler [Nora's abuse at hand of her brother hide spoiler ]. It was hinted throughout the book but when it was revealed, it was anticlimactic. Even the confrontation between view spoiler [Finn and Nora hide spoiler ] felt rushed. And then view spoiler [suddenly her brother died in a car accident.

Even Nora's relationship with her mother was swept under the rug. After their confrontation, we get nothing. Loved the cover though and the secondary characters were pretty awesome. But overall, it didn't work for me. But hey, even though this was a disappointment for me, who knows, you might like it better than I did. So definitely give this book a chance. View all 23 comments. I'm conflicted on how to rate this one. After thinking about it more feels like 2.

This is one of the few times in which the Hero, Leo, was more annoying than the Heroine,Nora. Yes, she had issues and she did some dumb shit - but you know what that's part of growing up and self discovery. I found mys I'm conflicted on how to rate this one. I found myself really rooting for Nora. I wanted her to succeed. I found her strength, vulnerability, and quirkiness endearing.

I'm all for going after what you want but come on, have some pride too. I hated that at the end she still needed to push him. After everything he put her through, IMO he needed to come to her. That almost rounded the book down to 2 stars. I understood where he was coming from but I found him weak and lacking. There were many positive attributes to his character but his constant back and forth and view spoiler [ and the whole thing Tiffani hide spoiler ] just didn't sit well with me.

I often found myself thinking: I found Nora's actions more mature than his as the story progressed. I actually wanted her with either Sebastian loved him!!! Their relationship became an insta-love story gone bad. His actions cause me not to believe they were soulmates as they referred to themselves. This author shows promise and I would read more of work in the future. Also, I do want to add, that what bothered me about Leo may not bother other readers- it's a personal thing. I'd encourage others to give this book a try.

View all 39 comments. I read this one because of all the glowing recommendations I'd received for it. So many readers are absolutely loving this book at the moment and I can certainly see why. The story follows Nora, an 18 year old high school student who is suffocated by her mother's constant and stifling need for perfection and one day she just reaches her limit.

No more good girl, no more playing by the rules. From this point on, she is determined to be as bad as she can be. And it starts at one of her school speeches where she publicly tells everyone to fuck right off teehee, it was kind of awesome. This is the first time that Leo sees her and he's drawn to her. He knows or rather, thinks he shouldn't be because he's the 25 year old guardian of his brother who attends her school.

Besides, he's the love 'em and leave 'em kind and in his own words has " never met a girl I couldn't say goodbye to. And so begins the back-and-forth game. And life goes on. He stays with his fuck buddy girlfriend and Nora continues to want him but, since he so blatantly makes it clear that doesn't want her, she fools around just fooling around though, nothing "all the way" with her admirers at school Ok so, except for the fact that he kept on rejecting her over and over and over and over again, I actually really liked Leo. The rest of him minus that element was absolutely the kind of guy I'd fall for.

He was swoony and protective and certainly made my heart flutter in nearly all the times he was around. In all honesty, I did consider putting the book down in places but at the same time, there were certainly parts of it that gave me butterflies. I found some elements to the story to be over-the-top and Nora's immaturity had me rolling my eyes on several occasions BUT, something about that first scene where she and Leo connected in the parking lot had really grabbed me and I wanted to know what happened so I kept going.

Personally I felt that the story would have been stronger if some of those in-between scenes had been cut down in length. The message was that "having" physical things isn't what brings you happiness, that comes from the inside and from being true to yourself. Friends, lovers, following your dreams I will say though that the ending was very sweet. Finally they both admitted and gave into what we all knew from Chapter 2.

I just felt it was rushed. So just, be warned Overall I hovered between 3 stars in some places and 4 in others and am rounding it off to 3. That being said, this is just my personal opinion. I kept thinking about what Sebastian had said: I looked at Leo, sitting there around his friends and family and knew the truth. Fate, destiny, karma, kismet, God, crazy coincidences, or whatever you wanted to call it, had written in the stars that I "Some would say love at first sight is ridiculous, and perhaps love never happens for those people at all.

Fate, destiny, karma, kismet, God, crazy coincidences, or whatever you wanted to call it, had written in the stars that I would find my soulmate. That's the big question, so begins Nora's story- at 18yrs old everyone thinks Nora has it all-beauty, intelligence, money, on her way to Princeton Ever Struggle with the feeling your life isn't yours??

Doing things to please her superrr biach of her mother, Nora does everything that isn't the real her. Until one day she says fcuk it and starts being herself. She becomes reckless and meets Sebastian and Leo. Little did Nora know that her life would change forever And when the ball spins around and around, you pray it lands on your number.

Nora finds that she has feelings for Leo who is 6years older than her. So she cannot have an effect on him right? And, damn, she looked spectacular, making me forget my own name as she strolled across that lobby in those red heels and tight as hell skirt. She shot me that sexy smile, and I got an instant hard-on. And yeah, seeing her walk toward me was like hearing the sweetest fucking rock ballad ever, playing loud and clear in my head.

It was like that. View all 20 comments. You can't let the shame of your past affect your future. In fact, the main characters; Nora Blakely, and Leo Tate did that pull and push thing that we all hate so much, and for the majority of the book they were not together. My higher rating comes from the fact that I really enjoyed the writing, and I thoroughly enjoyed a lot of the secondary characters and the relationships that everyone had with one a " My higher rating comes from the fact that I really enjoyed the writing, and I thoroughly enjoyed a lot of the secondary characters and the relationships that everyone had with one another.

I went into this story knowing that the hero had a huge issue with the age gap between Nora and himself there is a six year difference; she is 19 and he is 25 and he fought a relationship with her until the bitter end. Another issue that I was prepared for that may turn some off was that he was sleeping with another girl skanky hoe!!! Considering I was prepared, and Nora and him weren't technically together..

I was able to overlook it Or at the very least.. I am actually very glad that I was armed with that information because I then could focus on the "real" heart of the story in my opinion. That was the wonderful relationships that developed between all of the characters. There is such a diverse cast of characters and they are all so likeable.

My favorite would have been the autistic guy named; Teddy! He melted me, and the way that Nora interacted with him was so heart warming! Nora is a very screwed up girl. She has been through so much in her young life, and she is harboring a very dark secret that she has grown up with. She comes from a major wealthy family, and on the outside she is expected to portray perfection.. Her mother is a biatch Gosh, I felt so sorry for Nora.. At one point she states that she only ever wanted to feel loved.

Often what happens when there is so much emotional pain inside of a person, they tend to lash out. This is exactly what Nora does. She has a list she has developed, and basically she wants to be BAD.. When she is caught one night vandalizing a young man's car; her life will never be the same. Enter Leo Tate; who is 25 years old and has taken care of his brother Sebastian since they were teens. Their parents were murdered, and Leo is that kind of guy. He is quite the caretaker. The thing with Leo is that he refuses to ever fall in love again.

He knows how it feels to lose people that you love and he doesn't ever want to put himself through that kind of pain ever again.

Very Wicked Things audiobook

His main focus is opening up a gym, and taking care of Sebastian; who is a teenager too. You would think that because these young men have been on their own with no guidance, that they would be messed up.. I fell in love with the both of them. Even though, I would have liked to bash Leo upside the head more than once for his indifference to Nora, he was hard not to love! Yes, he used the skanky hoe, Tiffani On the sidelines, him and Nora had many encounters that will cause your heart to melt.

I loved any scene with them together, as they truly were soul mates! I could talk for days about this story; but I wouldn't want to give it all a way. I'm glad that I gave it a chance despite the few downfalls that I knew I was headed for. I have a ton of respect for this author's writing as I felt she had so much good to say. I highlighted a great amount of phrases as her words were so full of wisdom in my eyes.

Exceelent read, and I am looking forward to continuing on with this series! Roller coaster ride full of twist and turns, Very Bad Things is suspenful, full of action, intense and passionate read that can be finished in one sitting, while biting your nails, laughing hard, wiping tears and fighting with lady boner. Step by step, page by page I slowly fell in love with this complex bittersweet story about finding yourself, finding closure, love and finally happiness.

This story follows Nora, who feels worthless and alone. Living the way her parents tell her, Nora is prim and proper lady, that never does anything bad. But being super rich and super talented pianist as well as having IQ is still not enough. So the good girl goes wild. Why should she try to be perfect when there is no such a thing? Nora prefers to be bad and imperfect.

So she creates list of Very Bad Things to do. Things that will give her mother heart attack. When she meets Leo, guy six year older than her and possibly dangerous Nora knows she wants him. Not when he can have other woman. He has to steer clear of Nora. The temptation is too strong. When Leo fights with strong attraction toward this girl and struggles with feelings he never had before, Nora becomes very bad girl.

Smart, sexy, quirky and extremely naughty Nora stole my heart. I felt glued to the pages. View all 26 comments. This is the story about 25 yr old gorgeous business owner, Leo and 19 yr old sweet, broken Nora. Leo doesn't do girlfriends, flowers, relationships EVER, he has been busy raising his younger brother Sebastian view spoiler [since their parents died hide spoiler ] for the past 8 years. My heart went out to this girl.

Her family life was crazy, seriousl "Bad decisions can make some damn good memories. Her family life was crazy, seriously her mother was "Mommie Dearest" times a million I loved him and everyone needs a Sebastian in their lives!!! I give this book 3. I didn't think so, but I hoped that if there was such a thing as reincarnation, we would meet again in a another life and try again.

If it was possible, I'd find him, for another chance at love. I felt a little like that. You don't know what will happen when you place that bet, but you can take a deep breath anyway and put all the chips out there. Probability says you'll likely lose, and in this game of love with Leo, odds were I would lose, too, but I had to try. View all 52 comments.

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I mean I get his issues with hiding from true love when it hit him right in the face. Their age differences and the loss of his parents, but ugh I was frustrated pretty much till the last chapter. Thus my lower end rating. Nora Blakely was a great main character! She is a senior in high school with a famous mother BITCH who expects her daughter to maintain her perfect imagine. Nora excels academically and is musically gifted and is terrific with a sewing machine.

Nora battles molestation and threats all the while she makes a list of bad things to do. Sadly, Leo constantly throws our Nora into the friend zone even though he too feels she is his soul mate. You're my bad girl. View all 24 comments. I had no idea this story took place in Dallas--my hometown! So it was fun to read about some of the places and things I was familiar with. Norah has always tried to be perfect. Get the perfect grades, wear the perfect clothes, act a perfect way Norah and Leo meet that day They make eye contact and nothing is ever the same.

Norah's mom is a straight up I hated her. Norah decides she no longer wants to be perfect anymore.

Very Bad Things (Briarwood Academy #1) read online free by Ilsa Madden-Mills

Because perfect does not equal happy and Norah just wants to be happy. So she does a little And partying, and flirting. All the while trying to get Leo to see her the same way that she see's him. Norah loves Leo, he's her soulmate, her happily ever after. Leo doesn't do commitment, he's afraid of loving anyone for fear of losing them, Leo's in denial. And some more denial and even more denial. Listen Leo--there was a time or two you made me just a wee bit Get your shit together dude!! Wake the eff up! Open those beautiful eyes and see what is right in front of you! We get moments here and there where we see the potential of what could be between Norah and Leo but he fights it and fights it.

Norah questions whether she should continue to persue something that might never be. Will Leo ever see Norah as his happily ever after? Or will it be too late??? So this one didn't have a lot of action Believe it or not. Especially since view spoiler [it takes them the whole flipping book to get together. That little masturbation scene in the music room! Eventually Norah's past catches up with her Will Norah ever be happy and free from the chains of her past?? All kinds of beautiful creatures have them.

And someday you're going to fly away from here and leave all this shit behind. You need your own wings. This was a quick, short read I would classify it as having more of a HFN ending. The author does make note of book 2 but I am not sure if it will also be about Norah and Leo or other characters. Overall, I give this one an View all 11 comments. This book so didn't work for me, sadly!

Nora is American princess with rich parents, lives in mansion, smart, beauty queen and yet has a past that she tries to hide from. On top of that, her parents for busy with their lifestyle. And she meets her knight, Leo Tate. Leo Tate, on the other hand, has commitment issues as he lost his parents at a young age and lives for his younger brother, his band and to keep his dad's gym dream alive.

Music connected them both. Their UST is delicious in the beginni This book so didn't work for me, sadly! Their UST is delicious in the beginning, and the it just annoying for me. Ooo dear, that bimbo with faked boots, what's the deal? Another factor that made me wanna slap Leo more! Blimey, he is so hot but he just way too confusing!

All territory one minute and next not! There was nothing special for me!

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My Leo and Nora: View all 29 comments. Doesn't that title reel you in? I mean, what do you consider Very Bad? Making lists of your deepest darkest desires? Chasing the older Very bad boy? Well, what if you are acting as though you are Very Bad when in reality.. Nora Blakey is living a life of luxury.. She has it all.. Money, perfect looks, perfect grades, perfect home.. Or so it appears to the outside world. Leo Tate is a bad boy who is raising his brother aft Very. Leo Tate is a bad boy who is raising his brother after a tragedy strikes - living a life he didn't choose but now has to own.

When Nora and Leo meet it's electrifying. The sexual tention is OFF the radar. Although he fights it- Nora wants him and is not going down without a fight. What she doesn't know? He will be the one who can change her life.. Nora is my IDOL. I think I fell in love with her just as much as Leo.

Mini Reviews: Briarwood Academy series by Ilsa Madden-Mills

SHe says what she feels- uninhibited. And believe me- it's HOT. Clarity tastes bad huh? Yea, that part rocked my world. I got the pleasure of meeting Ilsa back in April and the honor of shooting her cover.. She does whatever it takes to succeed, even if that means surrendering her body - but she will never surrender her heart. Until the day she meets him, and he rips apart all her well-laid plans. Suddenly, the girl everyone thought was unbreakable might just shatter.

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Cuba "Hollywood" Hudson is rich, spoiled, and a star football player. With his fast cars and superficial girlfriends, he lives the high-life, hiding his secrets from the world. Sebastian Tate never imagined his YouTube music video would go viral, sky-rocketing him to acting success in Hollywood. Okay, maybe he did. After all, he's a cocky dude who knows he's hot-as-hell, and it was only a matter of time before his stars aligned. But life in Tinseltown is never what it seems. Spying on his gorgeous and mysterious new neighbor with binoculars seems innocent enough, but quickly escalates into an erotic game between two very unlikely people.

Briarwood Academy 4 books in series. Very Bad Things Summary. Very Wicked Beginnings By: Not Available on Audible. Ilsa Madden-Mills Narrated by: Emily Durante, Sean Crisden Length: Emily Durante , Sean Crisden Length: Add to basket failed.