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I see many agents get started in real estate with the best intentions and even the strong work ethic needed to succeed long term.

But if you are lacking the financial stability to get started, you may find it a tough go. It takes time to build relationships, create context, show houses, and go though the process of a transaction. Real estate is not like most careers where you will receive a paycheck two weeks after starting. Worse yet, it is not uncommon to have a couple of properties under contract only to see them both fall apart. This can be crippling when you were depending on them to pay your bills.

This type of thinking runs rampant among the personality types who get into real estate.


There is some truth in that statement, but everyone needs help from somebody. Think about it this way: In November, I have rented out the Connecticut Convention Center for all of my students and followers for two reasons. But the other reason is to get everyone together to form a sense of community. They say you can judge the level of success someone will have on this Earth by the number of awkward conversations they are willing to have.

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Identity matters and community helps gets you there. Can you imagine stepping into the kitchen for the first time and trying to make a cake without knowing any of the ingredients? I also have a free webinar on the subject that I recorded earlier this year. Know where you stand and follow a map that gets you to where you want to go. I love technology and gadgets as much as the next person, but if you are not careful, these tech tools and trends will work against your level of success rather than help you be more productive.

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Real estate has and always will be a business where personal relationships matter, yet we have become so addicted to our phones that we have actually learned how to be completely alone and isolated in a crowded room. Learn to batch your e-mails and only check your phone at certain times of the day. Refocus your energy on what actually matters, which is following your plan, making contacts, setting up your automated systems, educating yourself, staying motivated, and sustaining real relationships with real people. Jared James is a national speaker and trainer in the real estate industry who has tens of thousands of followers on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube.

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What does matter is who you've worked with. You'll experience tremendous personal and professional growth if you have the best person mentoring you ," he says, so "figure out where the absolute best person to work for would be, and go work for them. Just like who you work for can deeply affect the fate of your career, where you work also has a massive impact. Just saying, 'I want to work in software or sales,' isn't enough.

Nor, as Boudinet point out, is it enough just to fill your resume with impressive company names. Your destiny is influenced greatly by the destiny of the particular organization that employs you.

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Don't take a job with just any old company because it's in the right sector or impresses your friends. Even if you're a superstar at Sluggish Co.

Think high achievers work endless hours and are continuously busy? Think again, writes Mira Zaslove, director of international sales and trading at FabExchange. I've seen smart and dedicated employees fail to get promoted, because they have taken on too much, are working too hard, and appeared too frazzled," she reports.

When plotting your first or next big career move, many of us think very abstractly, musing in solitude or in front of Google about the joys of our supposed dream jobs. But the truth is you can't decide on a career without seeing the day-to-day reality of where and how you work --the concrete truth rather than the imagined reality. Don't make decisions without actually going and seeing for yourself.

Alek Mirkovich, founder of campayn. Playing around with a simulator is fun but apparently the real thing is stressful. Within 30 seconds I knew I wasn't going to be signing up for this!

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Failures are seen less as a signal of incompetence and more as a sign that you're willing to take a risk and innovate, according to Zaslove. Most people do not view someone as credible if they are giving advice and recommendations, but not walking the walk," she claims.